European Day of Historic Gardens 2022


We invite you to celebrate the 3rd European Day of Historic Gardens this year, under the slogan ‘Literary Gardens’. This time we will discover the mutual relations of gardens, writers and their works, as well as the books that inspired the historic gardens.

Eduard Petzold wrote several excellent works on the design and creation of gardens. The most important are two publications in German: ‘Landscape gardening’ (Die Landschafts-Gärtnerei) from 1862 and ‘On the colour-theory design of landscape’ (Zur Farbenlehre der Landschaft) from 1853. These extremely practical guides for professionals and enthusiasts of garden art are a valuable record of the workshop of Eduard Petzold, who was strongly influenced by Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau and the English designer Humphry Repton. In addition, they contain all the principles that he also used for the park at Sarny Castle.

Eduard Petzold’s rich legacy inspired the founding of the ECSO in 2020. From the beginning, we have shared our knowledge and experience in the special free publications ‘Hortuseum’ and ‘A Europe of United Gardens’. We encourage you to download them and visit Sarny Castle park. The full programme of events and special materials for the 2nd European Day of Historic Gardens are available on the European Route of Historic Gardens website.



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