Gardens and Gardeners of the Wallenstein Family

01.11.2021 – 04.05.2022
Sarny Castle, 2nd floor
Czech, Polish
free of charge
Gardens and Gardeners of the Wallenstein Family Poster Exhibition
Photo: ECSO Collections

The poster exhibition entitled ‘Gardens and Gardeners of the Wallenstein Family’ presents thirty splendid palaces and gardens, located in Duchcov, Jičín, Kozel, Mnichovo Hradiště and Prague, which belonged to this aristocratic family.

Biographies of the gardeners who cared for them are also included for the first time. The exhibition pays special attention to the Dittrich family, which majorly contributed to the development of Czech horticulture in the 19th century.

The exhibition initiates a collaboration between the Eduard Petzold European Centre for Garden Art at Sarny Castle and the National Garden Culture Centre in Kroměříž.

The number of visitors : 9,000

Photo: ECSO Collections




Exhibition curator

  • Lenka Křesadlová


  • Jaromír Tlustý
  • Michaela Letá
  • Radim Vrla
  • Jan Štětina


  • Jacek Kuśmierski
  • Łukasz Przybylak
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