Publishing Series “Petzold”


In 2024, we published the book “Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau”, which inaugurated the “Petzold” publishing series. The project encompasses 12 volumes translating into Polish all books and articles written by Eduard Petzold. The series will introduce Polish readers to one of the most prominent designers of the 19th century and allow them to discover his visionary perspective on garden art.

Photo by ECSO

The following titles will be included in the “Petzold” series:

  1. Contribution to Landscape Gardening (published 1849)
  2. On the Theory of Colors in Landscape (published 1853)
  3. Muskau Park (published 1856) + Legends and Images from Muskau and the Park (published 1860)
  4. Landscape Gardening (published 1862 and 1888)
  5. Arboretum Muscaviense (published 1864) – 4 volumes
  6. Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau (published 1871 and 1874)
  7. Planting and Maintenance of Avenue Trees (published 1878)
  8. Memories from My Life (published 1890)
  9. Collection of Articles (published 1843–1884)


Each title in the series will be the first Polish edition of the literary legacy of this landscape gardening theorist and practitioner, whose parks continue to shape the landscape of many areas in Poland, including the Sarny Castle, palaces in Bożków and Kamieniec, and cities like Legnica and Bolesławiec. They provide invaluable information for maintenance and conservation efforts undertaken in the spaces of preserved gardens and parks designed by Eduard Petzold. These publications will also be a valuable resource for gardeners, monument conservators, and all those involved in the preservation and care of historical 19th-century garden designs.

We also hope that this series will support the development of Polish-German dialogue and facilitate a better understanding of our shared heritage, as well as strengthen cooperation between our countries in the protection and management of historical gardens. We believe that the joint effort to preserve and promote Eduard Petzold’s work will serve as a symbolic bridge connecting the past with the present and future and will inspire future generations to care for our shared garden heritage.

The graphic theme of the series features the initials of Eduard Petzold’s name (the letter “e” inscribed within “p”) and his full surname along the spine. The designer emphasized the role of shrubs and trees with all their characteristics in his designs. Therefore, the cover of each publication will reflect an embossed drawing of the bark of a specific tree species. Additionally, each will have a different color in warm shades.

In 2024, we published the first volume of the series titled “Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau”, and we are already planning its second expanded edition. The next publication will be the Polish translation of “Memories from My Life,” published in 1890, in which Eduard Petzold recalls the most important events from his private and professional life.

Series Concept and Management: Łukasz Przybylak, Jacek Kuśmierski (Eduard Petzold Foundation)

Graphic Design Concept: Idalia Smyczyńska, Robert Zając (Kolektyw „Kilku”)

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