ECSO starts collaboration with the SFPM Branitz

Dresden, Germany
ECSO Collections

The European Eduard Petzold Centre for Garden Art (ECSO) has started collaboration with the Prince-Pückler-Museum Park and Palace Branitz Foundation (SFPM). Its aim is to actively promote the life and work of the garden artist Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau and his most important successor, Eduard Petzold.

The patron figures of the ECSO and the SFPM shared a unique familiarity. Prince Hermann’s vision and patronage gave Eduard Petzold the firmest possible foundation for learning the craft of gardening and developing his own design workshop. Petzold’s gratitude to his teacher accompanied him throughout his career, finding expression not only in the publication of his first biographical sketch of Prince Hermann (in 1874) but also in the designs he developed. The Branitz residence is one of Prince Hermann’s two greatest works and also his resting place.

The ECSO and the SFPM decided to deepen their mutual cooperation for scientific, cultural and educational activities for the cultural heritage of garden art co-created by Pückler and Petzold.

A letter of intent for cooperation was signed in Dresden by Łukasz Przybylak, co-founder of the ECSO, and Dr Stefan Körner, director of the SFPM.

Participating Institutions

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